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Astronomy courses: Spring 2021

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17 Jan 2021
A110-3 Survey of Astronomy     async R. Jedicke M. James
A110-4     async R. Jedicke M. James
A110-5 TR 1030–1145 sync K. Chambers K. Emerson
A110L-1 Survey of Astronomy Lab T 1900–2200 hybrid A. Do S. Constantinou
A110L-2 W 1430–1730 sync E. Bufanda A. Ali / A. Dugas
A210 Foundations of Astronomy TR 1030–1145 sync D. Farrah  
A242 Foundations of Astrophys. II MWF 1030–1120 sync J. Barnes S. Constantinou
A301 Observational Projects TR
sync R. Gal S. Narayanan
A320 Astronomical Spectroscopy TR 1030–1145 sync F. Bresolin  
A423 Stellar Astrophysics MWF 1130–1220 sync R. Mendez  
A494 Senior Research Project F 1430–1520 sync J. Barnes  
A627 Cosmology TR 1400–1600 sync I. Szapudi
A634 Astronomical Instrumentation MF 1330–1445 sync K. Hodapp
A734 Order of Magnitude Astro. W 1200–1400 sync J. Kuhn
A735 Exoplanets TR 0900–1015 sync D. Huber / E. Gaidos
A736 Solar Astronomy TR 1215–1330* sync X. Sun
A740 Astrobiology Seminar M 1500–1600 sync D. Huber
A790 astro-ph Seminar M–F 1030–1100 sync B. Shappee et al.
A791 Cosmology Seminar R 1200–1300 sync E. Baxter

*    Meets 1000—1115 after March 8.


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