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Astronomy courses: Fall 2021

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18 Aug 2021
A110-1 Survey of Astronomy MWF 0930–1020 SPAL 155* D. Sanders A. Hoffman
A110-2 Survey of Astronomy MWF 1030–1120 SPAL 155* D. Sanders A. Hoffman
A110-3 Survey of Astronomy TR 1030–1145 sync R. Wainscoat M. Vincent
A110L-1 Survey of Astronomy Lab T 1900–2200 PSB 108* A. Do C. Storfer
A110L-2 Survey of Astronomy Lab W 1900–2200 PSB 108* B. Boe A. Murphree
A110L-3 Survey of Astronomy Lab R 1900–2200 PSB 108* A. Boogert K. Gootkin
A130 Intro. to Archaeoastronomy TR 1200–1315 WAT 420 E. Hu K. Gootkin
A241 Foundations of Astrophysics I MWF 1030–1120 WAT 420* B. Boe C. Storfer
A280 Evolution of the Universe TR 1330–1445 sync A. Cowie
A300 Observational Astronomy MWF 1430–1520 WAT 420* G. Magnier F. Chiti / K. Emerson
A300L Observational Astronomy Lab TR 1330–1530 sync D. Farrah F. Chiti / K. Emerson
A470 Gen. Relativity & Cosmology TR 1200–1315 sync D. Farrah A. Murphree
A494 Senior Research Project W 1330–1420 PSB 211* J. Barnes
A622 The Interstellar Medium MF 1530–1645 sync L. Cowie
A633 Astrophysical Techniques TR 1535–1650 Library* M. Liu
A699DR Prof. Development & Reading TF 1130–1230 B228* M. Liu / B. Shappee
A735 Radio Astronomy M 1300–1500 Library* J. Williams
A750 Grant Writing W 1330–1630 sync K. Meech
A760 Modern General Relativity     async J. Sakstein
A790 Astro-ph Seminar MTWRF 1030–1100 sync E. Baxter
A791 Cosmology Seminar R 1200–1300 sync I. Szapudi

* May meet either in-person or online; contact instructor for details.
† To register for ASTR 699DR, use CRN 80537 (ASTR 699 CRN for Mike Liu).
‡ Face-to-face dates 08/25 1400–1515 and 08/27 1020–1135 in WAT 417A.


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