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Astronomy Education

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To live and work under the sky of Hawai‘i is an extraordinary privilege. The Institute for Astronomy's unmatched access to the telescopes and instruments on Manua Kea and Haleakala represents a unique resource for education as well as research. We thus have an opportunity and a responsibility to advance the future of our subject by training world-class astronomers, and by sharing our knowledge with anyone interested in astronomy.

The Astronomy Program at the University of Hawa`ii at Manoa was founded in 1972. Officially, it is part of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, currently chaired by physics Professor Pui Lam. In practice, the astronomy program operates independently of the physics program and is based at the Institute for Astronomy (IfA), a few blocks north of the UH-Manoa campus. The current chair of the astronomy graduate program, Dr. David Sanders, also oversees undergraduate astronomy courses at UH-Manoa.

Graduate Program

We are one of the top astronomy graduate schools in the country, offering the MS and PhD degrees. If you are a prospective student, please read our page entitled "Why choose Hawai‘i?"

Undergraduate Education

As of 21 August, 2014, the UH Board of Regents has approved a BA major in Astronomy and a BS major in Astrophysics. Further details will be posted shortly.