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Postdocs and Researchers

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Benjamin Boe – PhD, 2020, University of Hawaii`i,
           NSF Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Solar Physics

Charles-Antoine Claveau – PhD, 2019, CEA Saclay/University Paris-Saclay, France,
           Detector Development Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Next Generation of Infrared Sensors, Instrumentation

Thomas de Boer – PhD, 2012, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands,
           Pan-STARRS Astronomical Survey Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Dwarf galaxies, Globular clusters, stellar streams

Thomas de Jaeger – PhD, 2016, Universidad de Chile, Chile,
           Hawai'i Supernovae Flows Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Supernovae, Time-domain Astronomy

John Fairlamb – PhD, 2015, University of Leeds, UK,
           Pan-STARRS Survey Research Fellow,
           Pre-main sequence evolution of Herbig Ae/Be stars

Hua Gao – PhD, 2019, Peking University, China,
           Pan-STARRS Astronomical Survey Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Galaxy Morphology and Galaxy Evolution

Marc Hon – PhD, 2020, UNSW Sydney, Australia,
           Hubble Fellow,
           Stars, Stellar Evolution, Machine Learning

Chien-Cheng (Roger) Lin – PhD, 2014, National Central University, Taiwan,
           Astronomical Survey Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Star clusters, Be stars, Variable stars

Sushant Mahajan – PhD, 2019, Georgia State University,
           Solar Physics Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Solar Physics, Helioseismology, Solar Dynamo, Machine Learning



Mark Huber  PhD, 2002, University of Wyoming
            Astronomical Survey Researcher

Jan Kleyna  PhD, 1998, Harvard University
            Small Aphelion Postdoctoral Researcher
            Main Belt comets, Pan-STARRS moving object software, DIXI mission support

Yudish Ramanjooloo  PhD, 2015, University College London
           Planetary Defense Junior Researcher
           Near-Earth objects, interaction between solar wind and the induced magnetosphere of comets, exoplanets