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Past Postdoctoral Researchers

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Timothy Abbott 1995–1998.  Now at CTIO:  Home Page

Katelyn Allers  2006–2009. Now at Bucknell University: Home Page

Hervé Aussel   2000–2004. Now at CNRS: Home Page

Amy Barger 1996–2001. Now at University of Wisconsin: Home Page

Pierre Baudoz  2000–2002. Now at Paris Observatory

Chris Bennett 2009–2012. Now at Chemistry & Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology: Home Page

Fabrizio Bernardi 2003–2008. Now Chief Executive Officer of SpaceDyS: Home Page

Beth Biller 2007–2010. Now at Royal Observatory Edinburgh: Home Page

Nicholas Biver 1997–2000. Now at Paris Observatory: Home Page

Joss Bland-Hawthorn  1985–1988. Now at University of Sydney: Home Page

Andrew Boal  2004–2007. Now at MIOX Corporation

Adam Bolton 2007–2009. Now at University of Utah: Home Page

Wolfgang Brandner 1999–2001. Now at MPIA: Home Page

Fabio Bresolin 2001–2003. Now Astronomer at IfA: Home Page

Nancy Brickhouse 1984–1986. Now at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics: Home Page

Crystal Brogan 2003–2006. Now at NRAO: Home Page

Timothy Brooke 1988–2001.

Mark Brown 2006–2007. Now at University of New South Wales, Australia: Home Page

David Bruning 1984 -1985. Now at University of Wisconsin Parkside: Home Page

Peter Bryant 1996–1998.

Mark Buie 1985–1988. Now at Southwest Research Institute: Home Page

Douglas Burke 1999–2000. Now at Chandra X-ray Center: Home Page

John Carr 1988–1991. Now at Naval Research Laboratory: IAU Page

Julien Carron  2012–2015. Now at University of Sussex

Caitlin Casey  2010–2013. University of Texas at Austin

Gang Chen   2004–2007.

Hsin-Fang Chiang   2012–2014.

Kristin Chiboucas 2006–2009. Now at Gemini Observatory: Staff Directory

Lysa Chizmadia  2004–2007. Now at University of Puerto Rico: Home Page

Dean-Yi Chou. 1986–1987. Now at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan: Home Page

Lucas Cieza 2007–2013. Now at Universidad Diego Portales

Serge Correia 2012.

Michael Cushing 2007–2009. University of Toledo: Home Page

Niall Deacon 2009–2011. Now at MPIA: Home Page

Audrey Delsanti  2004- 2006. Now at Paris Observatory: IAU Page

Jeff de LaBeaujardiere 1990–1993. Now at NOAA.

Edward DeLuca 1990–1993. Now at SAO: Home Page

Patricia Doyle 2012–2014. Now at University of Cape Town: Home Page

Christophe Dumas 1995–1998. Now at ESO: Home Page

Stephen Eales 1985–1988. Now at Cardiff University: Home Page

David Erasmus 1985–1989. Deceased

Yanga Fernandez 1999–2005. Now at University of Central Florida: Home Page

Nicolas Flagey  2014–2015. Now at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

Pablo Fosalba 2003–2004. Now at Instituto de Ciencias del Espacio: Home Page

Eileen Friel 1986–1988. Now at Indiana University: Home Page

Chon Gayoung 2003–2004. Now at MPE: Staff list

J. Zachary Gazak  2014. Now at Insight Data Science.

Brian Glazer  2004–2006. Now at University of Hawai‘i (Oceanography): Home Page

Peter Gorham 1988–1989. Now at University of Hawai‘i (Physics): Home Page

Tomotsugu Goto 2011–2012. Now at National Tsing Hua University: Home Page

Mikael Granvik 2008–2011. Now at University of Helsinki: Home Page

Tommy Grav 2004–2007. Now at Planetary Science Institute: Home Page

Jacklyn Green 1989–1990.

Lydia Hallis 2011-–2014. Now at University of Glasgow

Tom Herbst 1989–1992. Now at MPIA: Home Page

Brendan Hermalyn  2012–2013. Now with SOEST: Home Page

Olivier Ilbert 2006–2009. Now at Laboratorie d'Astrophysique de Marsailles: Home Page

John Johnson 2007–2009. Now at Harvard: Home Page

Regina Jorgenson 2011–2014.

Aglaé Kellerer 2009–2010. Now at University of Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory: Home Page

Lisa Kewley 2004–2007. Now Australian National University faculty member: Home Page

Adam Kraus 2009–2012, Now University of Texas Austin: Home Page

Renate Kupke 1999-2001. Now at Center for Adaptive Optics, UC Santa Cruz: Home Page

Pedro Lacerda 2006–2008. Now at Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research: Home Page

Emeric Le Floc'h 2006–2009. Now at CEA-Saclay: Home Page

Eva Lilly 2014–2017. Now at Planetary Science Institute Home Page

Michael Liu 2000–2003. Now IfA faculty member: Home Page

Yu Liu 2005–2008. Now at Yunnan Astronomical Observatory: IAU Page

Edward Lu 1992–1995. Now chairman and CEO of the B612 Foundation: Home Page

Jessica Lu 2011–2013. Now IfA faculty member: Home Page

Noé Lugaz 2009–2012. University of New Hampshire: Home Page

John Lugten 1987–1989. Now at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

Robert Lupton 1987–1990. Now at Princeton: Home Page

Andisheh Mahdavi 2001–2005. Now at San Francisco State University: Home Page

Nicholas McConnell 2012–2015. Now at Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics

Roland Meier 1996–1999.

Adai Mesa-Delgado 2011.Now at Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias

Thomas Metcalfe 1990–1996.  Deceased

Elena Moise 2006–2012.

Huw Morgan 2005–2011.  Now at Aberystwyth University: Home Page

Tetsuo Nagata 1985–1988. Now at Kyoto University: Home Page

Mark Neyrinck 2005–2008. Now at Johns Hopkins University: Home Page

Eric Nielsen 2011–2014. Now at Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology, Stanford University

Martin Paegert  2007- 2009. Now at Vanderbilt University

Jun Pan 2002–2004. Now at Purple Mountain Observatory: Home Page

Jagadheep Pandian 2009–2011. Now at Indian Institute of Space Scence and Technology

Gayle Philip  2006–2008. Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative: Home Page

Jana Pittichova 2001–2011: Now at JPL: IAU Page

Adrian Pope 2005–2008. Now at Argonne National Laboratory

Paul Price 2003–2010. Now at Princeton:  Staff List

Norbert Przybilla 2002–2003. Now at Institute of Astro and Particle Physics, Innsbruck University, Austria. Staff Page

Phil Puxley 1988–1990. Now at NSF: Directory Page

Paul Ricchiazzi 1982–1983. Now at UC Santa Barbara.

Timm-Emanuel Riesen 2008–2014. Now at University of Bern, Center for Space and Habitability (CSH).

Alberto Robador 2009–2012. Now at Amend Microbial Geochemistry Lab, University of Southern California: Home Page

DIane Roussel-Dupre 1979–1982. Now at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Robert Roussel-Dupre 1979–1982. Now at Los Alamos National Laboratory

David Rupke 2008–2010. Now at Rhodes College: Home Page

Gal Sarid 2009–2012. Now at Harvard: Home Page

Emily Schaller 2008–2009. Now at NASA-Dryden: Home Page

Fernando Selman 1988–199.1 Now at European Southern Observatory: Home Page

Evgenya Shkolnik 2005–2008. Now at Lowell Observatory: Home Page

Marina Skender 2007–2008. Now at Queen Mary, University of London: Home Page

Robert Smith 1983–1986. Now at University of New South Wales: Home Page

John Spencer 1987–1990. Now at Southwest Research Institute: Home Page

Brian Stalder  2014–2017. Now at Large Synoptic Survey Telesope Home Page

Thomas Stanke 2004–2006. Now at ESO: Home Page

James Stephenson 2012–2014. Now at NASA Ames: Home Page

Karen Stockstill 2005–2007. Now at Mineral Sciences, Smithsonian Institution, and Proxemy Research: Home Page

Jonathan Swift 2006–2009. Now at Caltech: Home Page

Ana Maria Teodorescu 2006–2012. Now at Consiglio Nazionale delle ricerche (CNR), Pisa, Italy

Remo Tilanus 1988–1990. Now at Allegro (Netherlands ALMA Regional Center), Leiden Observatory Staff Page

Cliff Toner 1988–1991. Deceased

Ezequiel Treister 2008–2011. Now at University of Conception: Home Page

Miguel Urbaneja 2005–2013. Now at Institute of Astro and Particle Physics, Innsbruck University, Austria

Nienke van der Marel  2015–2017. Now at Herzberg Institute for Astrophysics in Victoria BC.  Home Page

Sylvain Veilleux 1989–1992. Now at University of Maryland: Home Page

Peter Vereš  2011–2014. Astronomer at Comenius University in Bratislava: Home Page

Zahed Wahhaj 2009–2012. Now at ESO-Chile: Home Page

Christopher Waters 2015–2018. Now at Princeton

Melody Wolk 2013–2015

Gillian Wilson 1997–1999. Now at UC RIverside: Home Page

Jean-Pierre Wueseler 1988–1995.

Weijun Zheng  2004–2007. Now at Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Home Page