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Former Faculty

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Tenure-Track Faculty

Colin Aspin 2006–2017. Retired

Eric Becklin 1977–1989. Now with SOFIA Science Center: Home Page

Walter Bonsack 1966–1987. Retired

Richard Canfield 1985–1996. Retired: Home Page

Paul Coleman 2007–2018. Deceased

Dale Cruikshank 1970–1988. Now at NASA-Ames: Home Page

Melvyn Dyck 1973–1986.

James Heasley 1977–2013. Retired

George Herbig 1987–2001. Deceased

Andrew Howard 2012–2016. Now at Caltech

John Jefferies 1967–1983. Founding Director. Retired: IfA History Pages

David Jewitt 1988–2009. Now at UCLA: Home Page

Robert Joseph 1989–2015. Deceased

Nicholas Kaiser 1997–2017. Now at Ecole Normale, Paris

Lisa Kewley 2007–2012. Now at Australian National University and Visiting Colleague at IfA: Home Page

Lev Kofman 1993-1999. Deceased

John Kormendy 1990–2000. Now at University of Texas: Home Page

Barry Labonte 1981–2003. Deceased

Simon Lilly 1985–1992. Now at Institute of Technology, Zurich:  Home Page

Jessica Lu 2013–2016. Now at UC Berkeley

Gerard Luppino 1990–2008. Deceased

Eduardo Martín 2000–2003. Now at Centro de Astrobiologia, Spain

Marie McCabe 1967–1987. Retired: IAU Page

Thomas McCord 1978–1980. Now at The Bear Fight Institute: Home Page

T. K. Menon 1968–1971. Emeritus Professor at University of British Columbia: Home Page

David Morrison 1969–1990. Now at SETI Institute: Home Page

Frank Orrall  1967–1994. Deceased

Tobias Owen 1990–2012. Deceased 

Andrew Pickles 1988–2003. Now at Las Cumbres Observatory: Home Page

Carl Pilcher 1973–1988. Now at NASA Astrobiology Institute: Staff Page

Kathleen Robertson 1990–2014. Retired.

Claude Roddier 1990–2000.

Francois Roddier 1989–2000. IAU page

Jim Rose 1980–1986. Emeritus Professor at University of North Carolina: Home Page

Ilia Roussev 2006–2013. Now working at the National Science Foundation: Home Page

Bill Sinton 1966–1990.  Deceased

Richard Wolff 1970–1985. Retired: Google Page

Sidney Wolff 1967–1985. Now at LSST: IAU page

Ray Wolstencroft 1968–1976. Retired:  IAU page

Jack Zirker 1967–1976.


Research Faculty

Lothar Bandermann c. 1969–1976.

Richard Baron 1990–1997.

Douglas Braun 1990–1993. Now at NWRA: Home Page

Richard Capps 1976–1987. Now at JPL

Carol Christian  1981–1989. now at STScI: Home Page

Laird Close 1996–1998. Now at University of Arizona: Home Page

Gerard Finn 1965–1977.

George Fisher 1986–1991. Now at SSL Berkeley: Home Page

Isabella Gioia 1992–2001. Now at University of Bologna: Home Page

Jay Goguen 1981–1986. Now at JPL: Home Page

Elon Graves 1993–2000. Now at AOptix

Thomas Greene 1992–1997. Now at NASA-Ames: Home Page

William Heacox 1980–1986. Now at UH Hilo (emeritus): Home Page

Douglas Hope 2007–2013.

Joseph Hora  1991–1997.  Now at Harvard-Smithsonian: Home Page

Robert Howell 1981–1986. Now at University of Wyoming: Home Page

Hugh Hudson 1990–1996. SSL Berkeley: Home Page

Richard Knabb 1999–2001. Now at National Hurricane Center: Home Page

Donald Landman 1972–1985. IAU directory

Sandra Leggett 1994–1996. Now at Gemini Observatory: Home Page

Dan Lester 1982–1984. Now at University of Texas: Home Page

Jing Li  1999–2009. Now at UCLA: Home Page

Charlie Lindsey 1977–1991. Now at Northwest Research Associates, Boulder: Staff List

Noe Lugaz 2009–2012.

Alexander (Sandy) McClymont 1985–1998.

Thomas Metcalf 1991–1996.  Deceased

Donald Mickey 1970–2011. Retired

Glenn Morrison 2005–2016

Malcom Northcott 1989–2000. Now at AOptix Technologies

Pui Hin Rhoads 1993–2014. Retired

Isabelle Scholl 2008–2013.

Norbert Schorghofer 2004–2017.

Kristen Sellgren 1984–1990. Emerita Professor at Ohio State University: Home Page

Mark Shure 1987–1995.

Theodore Simon 1970–2005. Retired: IAU page

Doug Simons 1990–1994. Now at Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope: Home Page

Brad Smith 1990–1994. Retired: IAU page

Tjet Sun 1989–1995

Charlie Telesco 1979–1982. Now at University of Florida: Home Page

Laird Thompson 1980–1987. Now at University of Illinois (emeritus): Home Page

Eric Tollestrup 2003–2009. Now at Gemini Observatory: Staff page

William Vacca 1998–2000. Now with SOFIA Science Center: Staff Page