Astrobiology Laboratory Institute for Instructors (ALI’I)

Investigating Astrobiology Research Topics Through Scientific Inquiry
July 5-11, 2013
Application Form: Deadline - March 31,2013

Astrobiology is the integrative science that seeks to understand life's origin, evolution and distribution within the universe. To approach such big topics requires the reconnection of "classical" scientific disciplines - from astronomy to evolution, from chemistry to geology. This workshop, designed for secondary science teachers, will introduce the big picture of astrobiology before delving deeper to highlight specific contributions from cosmochemistry, heliophysics, astronomy, geosciences and microbial oceanography. The outer space of exoplanets and meteorites to inner space beneath the ocean floor on Earth will be used as the framework for promoting the Next Generation Science Standards. Besides lectures and state-of-the-art lab tours, there will be activities led by our University of Hawaii NASA Astrobiology Institute team scientists and ALI’I master teachers. This workshop also includes explicit time for reflection and development of teaching lessons by all participants. We encourage applications from returning teachers interested in being part of our master teacher cadre. Registration fee is $75. Because of a tuition waiver, 3 University of Hawaii graduate education credits will be offered for the administrative fee of $190. A limited number of teachers from continental US will receive a subsidy of $1000 to defray expenses, pending funding approval. Accepted Hawaii teachers will be fully subsidized. Dormitory accommodations will be available on the UH campus within walking distance of the workshop.

For more information:
  Mary Kadooka, UH Institute for Astronomy, (808) 956-7954, 2680 Woodlawn Dr.
  Honolulu, HI, 96822 ,