The Astrobiology Graduate Conference series is back, in a brand new format!

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AbGradCon (the Astrobiology Graduate Conference) is being transformed into an on-going conference series, open to both graduate students and first-cycle post-docs. The goal of AbGradCon is to foster communication within the broad astrobiology-related graduate student and early post-doc community, and to give early graduate students a chance to practice speaking in a collegial atmosphere. AbGradCon will be held at several important astrobiology conferences each year, with the major event occurring every two years in conjunction with AbSciCon. Each conference will be organized by a committee of grad students and post-docs, but input and assistance from the larger graduate community is critical for the continued success of the series. See the AbGradCon Series home page for more information.

AbGradCon @ Bioastronomy 2007

AbGradCon (The Astrobiology Graduate Conference) will be held Saturday July 14 & Sunday 15 2007, in conjunction with the Bioastronomy 2007 meeting. There will be approximately 20 short talks available to all participants, with several keynote or overview talks given by late-stage graduate students or post-docs. Abstract submissions for talks are due by April 1st (see Abstract Submission). Additionally, there will be several panel discussions/working groups on issues important to young scientists with interests in astrobiology, concentrating on how to improve communication within the community. We will also be hosting a dinner and an ice-breaker social event on Saturday night, and possibly an excursion on the Friday before the conference. See the links on the sidebar for more specific information.

There is no registration fee for AbGradCon. Travel grants will be awarded to speakers if funding is secured (we're working on it), but currently there is no guarantee. However, registering for the conference and submitting and abstract comes with no penalty, and will make you eligible for travel funding if it becomes available. ATTENDENCE AT BIOASTRONOMY IS NOT REQUIRED TO ATTEND ABGRADCON! If you are not able to attend AbGradCon 2007 but wish to be on the mailing list for future AbGradCon meetings and grad/post-doc communications, please add your name to the mailing list on the AbGradCon Series homepage (