2014 (Jan 1-14, 2014) NASA-NORDIC Astrobiology Winter School Application Form
New Extended Application Deadline: June 12, 2013

Application Guidelines:

1) CV: Please attach a 1-page copy of your curriculum vitae, restricted to education, employment (if relevant), awards/prizes/honors (if relevant), funding (if relevant) and any other information that you think is important in establishing a summary of yourself for the purposes of this application.
2) Publication: Please list first (separate section) refereed papers that have been published. You may have a separate section for conference contributions, or other publications you think are relevant to your application. It is fine to include non peer-reviewed work , so long as it is clearly marked, for example as a separate sub-section. Unlike the strict limit of 1-page maximum for the CV, there is no page limit for the list of publications.
3) Letter of motivation: Please write a short (~500 word) personal statement that explains why we should accept you to the UHNAI-Nordic Winter School. In particular, we would like to hear about how participation in this event would complement your background skills and your current training/research, and what future goal(s) it will move you towards. Please comment on why you need the interdisciplinary training.

4) If your year of PhD or anticipated PhD falls outside between 2008 to 2018, then you are not eligible to apply for this program. This program is for graduate students, and early career researchers no more than 5 years past their PhD.

5) Please provide name, email and contact information in the form for two senior referees (if you are currently a Ph. D. student, one of them should be your supervisor) who have agreed to write a short letter of recommendation for your application. It is your responsibility to approach them and to obtain their permission to be listed as referees before you submit your application, since upon receipt of your application, we will send an email to each of your referees with the following guidelines that ask them to send their letters for you through this application system.

"Thank you for agreeing to write a short letter of recommendation in support of this student's application to the Astrobiology Winter School (Jan 1-14, 2014). We appreciate you taking time from your busy schedules, and encourage you to keep letters short and to-the-point. In particular, we are seeking to establish the student's level of motivation, initiative/independence, experience (in one or more sub-fields relevant to astrobiology) and any comments you can offer on what this opportunity would do for their career development. If you are able to briefly comment on these areas within a single page, then that will be plenty for our purposes. If you have any questions, then please email them directly to naiadmin@ifa.hawaii.edu, and we thank you again for your time."

6)Your CV, publication list, and letter of application are required to be in PDF format, and should be uploaded as separate documents. If you do not have your own means to create a PDF version of these documents, then please use a free, online conversion tool (e.g. http://www.freepdfconvert.com/).

Last (family) Name:
First Name:
Year of PhD or Year Expected:
*Please read guideline 4.
Country where University/Institution is located:
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Main Field of Expertise:
Two referees' names and emails (Please read guildline 3)
Previous summer / winter schools attended:
Please fill in n/a if you never attended one.
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