Robo-AO-2 X TESS (Presentation)
C. Baranec, July 2023.

Primer on astronomical adaptive optics
C. Baranec, July 2019.

Robo-AO-2: A facility for rapid visible and near-infrared AO imaging and the demonstration of hybrid AO techniques
C. Baranec, June 2018.

Robotic laser adaptive optics for rapid, near-HST resolution imaging from the IRTF
C. Baranec, February 2018.

Robo-AO-2: A facility for rapid near-HST resolution imaging from the ground
C. Baranec, January 2018.

Adaptive Optics for Small Telescopes
Translation by H. Takami (NAOJ), September 2016.

The Rapid Transient Surveyor
C. Baranec, June 2016.

The Robo-AO KOI Survey: Laser adaptive optics imaging of every Kepler Exoplanet Candidate
C. Ziegler, January 2016.

Robo-AO KP, A New Era in Robotic Adaptive Optics
R. Riddle, January 2016.

The Robo-AO KOI Survey: Laser AO imaging of every Kepler candidate exoplanet host star
C. Baranec, December 2015.

Observing every Kepler Planet Candidate with Robotic Laser Adaptive Optics
N. Law, August 2015.

Robo-AO 2.0
C. Baranec, November 2014.

Two years of Automated Adaptive Optics Science with Robo-AO
R. Riddle, November 2014.

The Robo-AO Interface to USSTRATCOM: How to do on-demand all-sky laser adaptive optics observations
R. Riddle, November 2014.

Automating Adaptive Optics: The Robo-AO Control System
R. Riddle, October 2014.

Twelve thousand laser-AO observations: first results from the Robo-AO large surveys
N. Law, June 2014.

Second generation Robo-AO instruments and systems
C. Baranec, June 2014.

The Robo-AO automated intelligent queue system
R. Riddle, June 2014.

Robo-AO: Initial science results from the first autonomous laser guide star adaptive optics instrument
R. Riddle, September 2013.

Rise of the machines: first year operations of the Robo-AO visible-light laser-adaptive-optics instrument
C. Baranec, September 2013.

Results of the Robo-AO/Kepler KOI imaging campaign
C. Baranec, May 2013.

Robo-AO: autonomous laser adaptive optics for meter class telescopes
C. Baranec, October 2011.

Robo-AO: Robotic Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics on the Palomar 60" in 2011
C. Baranec & N. Law, May 2010.


Commissioning results from the robotic laser adaptive optics system, Robo-AO-2
C. Baranec, et al.
NSF-ATI meeting, January 2024.

Initial results from the new Robo-AO-2 adaptive optics system
R. Riddle, et al.
AO4ELT 7, June 2023.

Robo-AO M Dwarf Multiplicity Survey
C. Lamman, Z. Berta-Thompson, C. Baranec, N. Law, J. Schonhut Stasik & C. Ziegler
231st AAS meeting, January 2018.

Commissioning of the Robo-AO IR Camera to Search for Brown Dwarf and Massive Exoplanet Companions
M. Salama, C. Baranec & M Liu
Center for Adaptive Optics Fall Science Retreat, Lake Arrowhead, November 2017.

World-wide deployment of visible/infrared robotic laser adaptive optics systems: Robo-AO
C. Baranec, R. Riddle, N. Law, J. Lu, J. Tonry, R. B. Tully, S. Wright, S. Kulkarni, S. Severson, P. Choi, A. Ramaprakash, M. Chun, M. Connelley, A. Tokunaga & D. Hall
IAU General Assembly, Honolulu, August 2015.

High-resolution imaging of every Kepler Planet Candidate System
N. Law, C. Baranec, D. Atkinson, L. Nofi, C. Ziegler, T. Morton & R. Riddle
IAU General Assembly, Honolulu, August 2015.

A Measure of Stellar Binarity Among Kepler Stars
L. Nofi, C. Baranec, A. Howard, R. Riddle, N. Law & C. Ziegler
IAU General Assembly, Honolulu, August 2015.

Multiplicity of the Galactic Senior Citizens: A high-resolution search for cool subdwarf companions
C. Ziegler, N. Law, C. Baranec, R. Riddle & J. Fuchs, January 2015.

Study of the Impact of Stellar Multiplicity on Planet Occurrence and Properties
R. Thorp, J.-M. Désert, C. Baranec, N. Law, J. Johnson & R. Riddle, January 2014.

Visible-light laser-adaptive-optics imaging of thousands of exoplanet hosts with Robo-AO
C. Baranec, R. Riddle & N. Law, November 2013.

Robotic visible-light laser adaptive optics
C. Baranec & Robo-AO team, June 2013.

Robo-AO, Autonomous laser adaptive optics and visible/NIR imaging for few-meter class telescopes
C. Baranec & Robo-AO team, 2012.