Laser commissioning - September 25th to 28th, 2010

The 60-inch telescope (P60) in moonlight. (Credit: Scott Kardel)

Laser safety signs at the entrance to the P60 dome. (Credit: Scott Kardel)

The CCD22 (a.k.a. GRB) camera mounted at the Cassegrain focus of the P60. (Credit: Scott Kardel)

Left to right: Hillol, Shriharsh and Christoph taking data with the CCD22 camera. (Credit: Scott Kardel)

Opening the P60 dome at twilight. (Credit: Scott Kardel)

Inside of the P60 dome at night. (Credit: Scott Kardel)

Florescence of dust next to the output aperture of the laser projector once the laser is turned on. (Credit: Scott Kardel)

Close up view of the laser beam exiting the laser projector enclosure mounted on the side of the P60 telescope tube. Note that although it is invisible to the naked eye, it shows up as different colors in digital cameras depending on the different responsivity of the red, green and blue camera pixels.

The UV laser from the floor of the P60 dome looking directly up.

The UV laser exiting the P60.

Laser beam propagating through thin clouds.

Long exposure image of the UV laser under clouds. The image was brightened by the abundant moonlight.