Robo-AO Astronomy Gallery:

Uranus in z'-band:

Mars in i'-band:

Saturn in i'-band:

Jupiter in g'-band:

Jupiter in r'-band:

Reductions of the automated AO observations executed by Robo-AO on the night of June 17th, 2012. Each box represents a 2 by 2 arc second field of view, and each observation totals 90 seconds of open shutter time on the visible camera in i-band.

A three color image of a triple star system:

A newly discovered triple star system:

A three color image of GG Tau:

A binary star in z'- and H-band:

The core of M3 imaged with and without Robo-AO in the z'-band:

Close binary systems imaged in i'-band:

Kruger 60 imaged in the near-infrared and in z'-band: