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A Summer to Remember for REU Students

2011 REU students

Each member of this year’s class of Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) students spent the summer working with an IfA scientist in Manoa, on Maui, or in Hilo. From left to right, John Smith (from Brigham Young University; worked with Mark Chun), Marta Bryan (Harvard; Don Hall), Eric MacLennan (Northern Arizona; Henry Hsieh), Eric Sansone (Keene State College; Nader Haghighipour), Scott Kaneshiro (Yale University; Paul Coleman, Ahia Dye, and the ‘Imiloa staff), Stephanie Sallum (MIT; Tomo Goto and István Szapudi), Paul Kintner (University of Rochester; Noé Lugaz), Carolina Galindo (San Diego State University; Robert Jedicke and Richard Wainscoat), Becky Nevin (Whitman College; David Harrington), Samuel Carp (Carnegie Mellon; Jeff Kuhn), and Andrew Weis (University of Pittsburgh; Haosheng Lin).