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Manoa Open House, Astroday Events

Sunspot viewingSunspot viewing at the Manoa Open House. Photo by Karen Teramura. Hundreds of visitors attended the Manoa Open House, on April 18. Some came to see a fresnel lens melt a penny and fry an egg. Others came to hear the talks, such as Robert Jedicke explaining the connection between the origin of the Universe and the Large Hadron Collider. Children enjoyed making comets and sundials, seeing a show in the StarLab planetarium, packaging an egg so that it would survive a drop from the second floor (the Mars Drop), and launching a bottle rocket. While the weather cooperated, visitors viewed sunspots and Venus.



IfA courtyard during Open HouseThe fresnel lens booth at the Manoa Open House. Photo by Nancy Lyttle.

The ninth annual AstroDay Festival, which celebrates astronomy and Hawaiian culture, took place on May 1 at Prince Kuhio Plaza in Hilo. More than 30 scientific and cultural booths provided attendees with the opportunity to play games, see planetarium shows and demonstrations, and win Celestron telescopes. As always, there was good entertainment, too. At the beginning of the festivities, members of the Mauna Kea Observatories Outreach Committee honored AstroDay organizer (and IfA Science Education and Public Outreach Officer) Gary Fujihara for his efforts to bring astronomy to the people.