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IfA Corporate and Friends Giving Programs

Beginning this year, Friends of Hawaii Astronomy will give special recognition to corporate donors of $1,500 or more and to individual members giving $250 or more ("individual contributing members") for their generosity in supporting the research and education programs of the IfA. Corporate donors will be invited to tours and receptions in addition to receiving copies of the newsletter and e-mail bulletins of the latest astronomy-related news. Corporate gifts made in support of the annual open house or poster calendar, academic conferences, graduate student scholarships and fellowships, and other projects at specified amounts, beginning at the $1,500 level, will be recognized in connection with those projects in media releases, printed materials, signage, and on the institute's Web site, as appropriate. An array of corporate giving opportunities is available; please contact Development Director Joan Yanagihara at or 956-6712 or 265-3886.

Individual contributing members will receive invitations to tours, events, and receptions, including the annual meeting and an astronomy seminar designed for the Friends to be offered this summer in Hilo. Couples will qualify as individual contributing members. All Friends will continue to receive the poster calendar, newsletter, monthly star charts, notice of "Insiders" briefings and upcoming Frontiers of Astronomy Community Lectures, and e-mail bulletins of the latest astronomy-related news. Please contact Joan Yanagihara with any questions.

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