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Barnes New Graduate Program Chair

Joshua Barnes: When not at the IfA, he spends his time trying to prevent his one-year-old twin daughters from destroying his collection of Grateful Dead records and tapes.

Joshua Barnes has been appointed chair of the astronomy graduate program. He succeeds Gareth Wynn-Williams, who held the position for nine years. As graduate chair, Barnes is responsible for running the educational aspects of the UH’s Manoa astronomy activities. There are currently 30 graduate students enrolled in the master’s and PhD astronomy programs, with approximately 800 undergraduate students taking astronomy courses from IfA faculty each year.

Barnes, who has a BA from Harvard and a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, has been on the IfA faculty since 1991. He uses computers to predict the outcome of collisions between galaxies. Spectacular animations of these events can be found on his Web site.