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REU Program

During the third year of the Research Experience for Under-graduates (REU) program at IfA, eight students from the mainland and one from UH spent the summer working with IfA faculty mentors. In August, the students, listed with their home institutions and faculty mentors, posed for one final picture (clockwise from left): Trent Dupuy (Texas, Bo Reipurth), Audra Hernandez (Colorado, Jonathan Williams), Ellen Lee (Harvard, Jing Li), Eva-Marie David (Xavier, Theodore Simon), Jeremy Miller (Maryland, David Tholen), Yvonne Torres (New Mexico State, James Heasley), Curtis Asplund (Oberlin, Paul Coleman), Amy Livernois (Maine, Christ Ftaclas), and Sharon Velez Erickson (Hawaii, Christ Ftaclas).

The National Science Foundation's REU program provides undergraduate science students with the chance to work with professional astronomers as full-time research assistants. The application deadline for the summer 2004 IfA REU program is February 1, 2004.