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Schools to Receive Poster Calendars

This photograph of the partially eclipsed Moon above the Subaru and Keck 1 domes is featured on the new IfA poster. Poster Photo © 2000 R. J Wainscoat

A poster with a spectacular image of the Subaru and Keck I telescopes taken by IfA Astronomer Richard J. Wainscoat on Mauna Kea is being distributed by the Institute for Astronomy this spring to all public and private schools in Hawai'i. The 17-by-22-inch full color poster also includes a 2003 calendar marked with the lunar phases and provides the Institute's Web address for students, teachers, and interested community members to access information about astronomy and the IfA's research and education programs.

Members of the Friends of Hawaii Astronomy who have made membership gifts since July 1, 2002, will also receive the poster calendar. In addition, the poster will be offered as a premium to all new members who respond to the Friends' spring membership appeal. To join the Friends, contact Joan Yanagihara at 808-956-6712 or

Members of the Friends of Hawaii Astronomy and schools that request it will also receive the IfA's quarterly newsletter as part of the Institute's education and outreach programs