"Brown Dwarfs" - IAU Symposium 211
"Brown Dwarfs" - IAU Symposium 211


"Brown Dwarfs"
IAU Symposium 211
Outrigger Waikoloa Beach Hotel,
Big Island of Hawaii,
May 20-24, 2002











Proceedings Instructions


July 31, 2002
We do not guarantee publication of late papers. We plan to send the camera-ready book to the publisher in September 2002.


8 pages for long talks (20 minutes or more)
4 pages for short talks (less than 20 minutes)
2 pages for posters

Send email to the editor (iau211@ifa.hawaii.edu) to request permission to
go over these limits.


Author's are responsible for their papers.
Papers will be checked for scientific integrity and clarity of presentation by the editor. However, there will be no detailed editing of the English.

For your convenience we have instructions for authors to use LaTeX macros. These macros have been adapted and changed, from the initial "Author's Tools" developed by Jeannette Barnes and Chris Biemesderfer, to better fit the needs of The ASP format and requirements. These macros should greatly simplify the preparation of manuscripts on the part of authors. As various concerns are expressed, Terry Mahoney, our ASP LaTeX Computer-Consultant, adds to and further improves (updates) the macros. Therefore, the macros are constantly being "UPDATED". Authors may obtain both by Right-Clicking on the file and "Save As...":

newpasp.sty (macros information)
newpaspman.tex (example file)

If you have any problems or questions regarding the "Style Files" or any other LaTeX related problems, please contact your assigned Editor. If he/she can not resolve your problem he/she will contact Terry Mahoney, our LaTeX Computer-Consultant.

Request permission from the editor to use any other format for your paper (e.g. Word, Tex).


Submit your paper via anonymous FTP (login as anonymous, password username@ ) to hubble.ifa.hawaii.edu/INCOMING/IAU Create your own subdirectory and give it your last name (e.g. mkdir smith). If you have more than one paper create numbered subdirectories (e.g. mkdir smith1). Change to that subdirectory (cd smith1) and put your LaTex file and figure files in it. We recommend to use .eps format for the figures. Use Binary FTP.