The Birth and Evolution of Brown Dwarfs



Central Temperature


Thermal Properties




The Solar Neighborhood Census

The Mass Function

Scenarios of Brown Dwarf Formation

The Jeans mass

The Jeansís instability criterion

Minimum mass of isolated star formation

Unstable Multiple Systems

Formation of two BDs via disc fragmentation

Orbital migration

Brown Dwarfs in SFRs

Optical spectra of young BDs

Near-infrared spectra of BDs

Substellar H-R diagram

The substellar IMF

IMF of dusty clumps

Ha activity

The GG Tau quadruple system

GG Tau in the H-R diagram

A Double Brown Dwarf

Orbital motion of Gl 569 B and C

Dynamical Substellar Masses of Gl 569 B and C

AO Survey of M7-M9 Dwarfs

HST surveys of BD primaries

A Close VLM Companion to a Nearby Solar Analog

AO Proper Motion and Spectroscopy of HR7672B

A Brown Dwarf Binary Close to a Young Solar Analog

AO Proper Motion and Spectroscopy of HR5534B and C

The MF of Extrasolar Planets

Final Remarks